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Sept. 16th, 2022



Lucas Ryan

Communications Manager


Treasurer Lynn Rogers and Learning Quest Present Merriam Park Elementary School Teacher with $1,000 Check


Treasurer Lynn Rogers presented Tayler Ramsey at Merriam Park Elementary School with a $1,000 check today that can be used for the purchase of school supplies. Treasurer Rogers was joined by State Rep. Heather Meyer in promoting Learning Quest at this event. This giveaway was made possible because of Learning Quest 529 accounts, which allow individuals to save money for post secondary educational expenses.


“529 accounts are a great resource for individuals to use for their own educational expenses,” Treasurer Rogers said. “And businesses can set them up to provide funds to employees for continuing education as well.”


“Learning Quest is a great program, and I’m excited to be supporting Ms. Ramsey with school supplies this year. Having been a school board member, I know how much of an impact we are making with this program.”


Tayler Ramsey was chosen as a random winner of the Choose My School Supply Drive that was run by the Treasurer’s Office. There were over 2,300 nominations total for the giveaway.


For more information about Learning Quest, visit: