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September 1st, 2022



Lucas Ryan

Communications Manager


Treasurer Lynn Rogers to Attend K-State University Presidential Inaugural Event


Treasurer Lynn Rogers will be attending the inauguration of the new Kansas State University President, Richard H. Linton on Friday, September 2nd.


“Incoming President Linton will do great things for K-State,” Treasurer Rogers said. “I look forward to seeing how he continues to serve in his new role.”


President Linton officially stepped into his role in February. Treasurer Rogers is joining other state officials in formally welcoming the new President to his role at the inauguration event.


“Having good leadership in our educational institutions builds an education system that provides support to our economy through well educated graduates,” Said Treasurer Rogers. “Post Secondary Education is vital to providing Kansans with pathways to becoming productive employees and small business owners.”


Students who may be looking for ways to help finance their attendance at K-State and other Kansas institutions may benefit from the scholarship search engine, called Scholarshop, found on the State Treasurer’s website. It is free to use, and connects individuals with scholarships they can apply for as they pursue Post Secondary education.


For information about Scholarshop visit: