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For Immediate Release:

Sept. 28th, 2022



Lucas Ryan

Communications Manager


The Learning Quest Sponsored Choose My School Supply Drive has Presented $37,500 of the $87,000 Total Prizes


The “Choose My School,” supply drive being run by the Treasurer’s Office and Learning Quest 529 accounts has presented just under half of the funds and half of the schools with their awards as of Sept. 27th. These funds get to be used by the schools to purchase supplies of any sort, with schools having stated they’ll be using the funds for things like day to day essentials all the way to investments in an outdoor culinary classroom’s construction.


“It’s been a very rewarding experience traveling across the state to present these schools with money to support their efforts to teach Kansas kids,” Treasurer Lynn Rogers said. “This program is a great way to let schools know about the Learning Quest 529 savings accounts that let the students’ parents save for post secondary education expenses.”


The School Supply Drive does not use taxpayer funds. The funds were provided by Learning Quest to market the accounts. 529 Accounts have a tax advantage to them that makes them better than a traditional savings account for educational savings.


“We’ve passed out $37,500 to schools while also raising the awareness of how the Treasurer’s Office can support Kansans in their educational journeys,” said Treasurer Rogers. “A lot of folks ask what the Treasurer actually does, because there hasn’t always been great communication about what we do. We’re fixing that by letting people know about the programs we offer and are partnered with.”


The remaining schools will be presented with their checks before the end of the year.